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Schnarf Games - Survive Alive

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Following a cataclysmic event, survivors are forced to scavenge as their only hope of staying alive. Even worse, the dead (the Zeds), are attacking the living.

As one of the few survivors you will build a Base, obtain resources by scavenging the Community Map, protect your group using weapons and building defences, and construct facilities to make like a little more tolerable.


If you can survive the Zeds and gain the most influence points at the end of the six rounds, you will be the victor of Survive Alive!!

Schnarf Games - Survive Alive - Player Count
Schnarf Games - Survive Alive - Player Age
Schnarf Games - Survive Alive - Time

Survive Alive is a competitive medium weight strategy based draw and write game set in a post-apocalyptic world lasting six rounds.
Each round, survivors (players) need to manage their resources drawn from the community bag, build facilities for their characters in order to increase the community health and morale and most importantly defend their base to protect from the Zeds.
Players may scavenge the map for influence or befriend characters to boost their resource pile and grow the community.

At the end of each round, hordes of Zeds will be looking for flesh and if you can’t beat them, you may be joining them!!

The player with the most influence points at the end of the sixth round is declared the winner.

Game Set-up - Sruvive Alive

Thank you for submitting to battle the undead and Survive Alive!!

Schnarf Games - Survive Alive - How to Play

1. Draw - resources from the bag shown on the last event card or character card you have drawn.

Schnarf Games - Survive Alive
Card Mechanic PRINT Web.png

2. Build - facilities and defences in your community from the resources gained in step one.

Survive Alive Player Base

3. Scavenge - to earn influence, gain resources and invite characters to grow your community.

Community Map

4. Defend - against the ever growing hordes of Zeds waiting to attack your community base.

Event Card Mock-up

yeven_popov on Freepik

5. Score - influence points for:

  • Characters alive in your community

  • Successfully defending your base

  • Keeping your characters wound free

  • How many times you successfully scavenge

  • Scavenge cards revealed

  • Keeping your base morale intact

  • Resources at the end of the game

  • Game objectives

Scoring Pad

6. Winner - is the player with the most points at the end of the sixth round.

For the complete rule book see below.

Thank you for submitting to battle the undead and Survive Alive!!

Schnarf Games - Survive Alive - Snapshots
Schnarf Games - Survive Alive - Reviews

"Survive Alive is an exciting board game that requires planning and strategy skills to outlast the zombie invasion. It is an excellent game for resource management enthusiasts. It is quick-paced, easy to learn and an absolute blast and fun to play.


With a double map, diverse player sheets, and a great selection of characters, the game offers a unique experience different from other zombie games.

So plan and fight your way to Survive Alive!"

Mindful Phill - Roll & Mind

" So excited for this game. It's a really great looking game with clever mechanics, its' one of my most anticipated releases!"

Jason - Geeky Meeples 3D Printing.

" Great fun, it's going to be a big hit!"

Martin - Designer of Snapshot: Wildlife Photographer.

" One of the must Demo games of AireCon 2023, having had the pleasure of demoing this game I honestly can't recommend it enough!"

Kay - Geeky Meeples 3D Printing.

" Loved it. Great theming."

Neil - Demo at AireCon 2023.

" Tried this game at AireCon. It's really good and definitely worth a play. It's also chocked full of funny Easter eggs/references."

Chris- Demo at AireCon 2023.

Thank you for submitting to battle the undead and Survive Alive!!

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